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packing tips

Packing is a nightmare.  Period.  But there are a few tricks of the trade that will make your life less stressful on moving day.

Use Your Phonebooks.

Tear out pages of those old phone books to wrap breakables. Seriously… who needs them anymore and why would you want to move them?

Color Code Your Boxes.

If you have children or are moving into a large home, assign different colored duct tape to each room and use that color on corresponding boxes.  Find assorted colors here.

Pack First Day Essentials.

Pack a clear bin with “first day essentials”.  Items that will go in this bin will be things like: trash bags, box cutters, scissors, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, disposable dinnerware (you will be calling for pizza).  If you’re anything like me the coffee maker and coffee will also go in this bin.  This bin will move with you; meaning, don’t put it in with the rest of the boxes, but rather with you in the car.

Don’t waste space.  

Fill your crock pots and appliances that have dead space with smaller kitchen items like spices.  Also fill up your luggage with heavier items if they have wheels.

Seal Off Bottles.

Use plastic wrap under lids to seal off bottles of liquid, (i.e., toiletries, cleaning supplies).

Use Styrofoam.

Place styrofoam plates in between breakable plates to prevent them from breaking.

Throw Your Clothes In The Trash.

Just kidding… But seriously, there’s no need to throw copious amounts of money at those garment boxes from the moving company.  Keep your clothing on hangers and use trash bags to keep each bunch together.

Don’t Buy Moving Boxes New.

Find moving boxes & other packing materials on Craig’s List.  Re-list and sell when you’re finished with them.

Go To The Liquor Store.

It’s not what you think.  I mean, most people do find themselves at the liquor store during a move but for now I want you to go to the liquor store and ask for their extra wine boxes.  Use them to pack your wine glasses.

Plastic Wrap What’s Already Organized.

Wrap your entire silverware holder in plastic wrap instead of dumping them out in a box to get tossed around. Same goes for small bins without lids.  Plastic wrap them before packing them into boxes.

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