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Barn Doors

You can search for an actual refurbished/recycled barn door from local antique shops & sales or you may decide to buy new.  Having something old that has it’s own story is the fun part about designing interiors.  These types of items carry their own past and are great conversational pieces.  If you’re lucky enough to score an old piece from a market, make it a point to ask the seller if they know the backstory behind the piece; that way those stories will continue to live on during your future gatherings.

If you’re the DIY type, (being self aware here is very important), again… IF you’re the DIY type try your hand at this tutorialfor a barn door bathroom cabinet.

Bright Whites

The super human forces behind this farmhouse trend are likely Chip & Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper and they’ve just outdone themselves.  Not only do they have an online store, The Magnolia Market, (click to spend your entire life savings) but Joanna has come out with a paint line.  This woman will never steer us wrong so let’s just take this moment to throw away any paint swatch you’ve ever hunted down, saved, taped on the wall, and stared at for hours because you’re problems are solved.  Her “True White” & “Shiplap” are the best bright white options out there and they were designed for walls, cabinetry, & furniture.   Shop paints here

Old Windows

I love shopping for old window panes at local antique shops & fairs.  They are usually between $10-30 which is a very inexpensive way to add classic farmhouse style to your walls.  You can do so many things with the window panes but I like to leave mine the way I found them.  This photo comes from The 36th Avenue.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a twist on modern and classic.  It opens up a space that was once filled with a bulky cabinet and creates more elements of design with the ability to style those shelves.  I bought shelves that were pre-madefrom Etsy for our master bathroom to add above the toilet storage.  Check out my Pinterest Boardfor more ideas.

Fresh Flowers

A farmhouse isn’t really a farmhouse without fresh picked flowers.  I like mixing and matching (new & old) white, blue glass, galvanized steel & clear vessels to sprinkle around the house.  HyVee has never failed me when it comes to fresh flowers that I can mix and match and arrange when I get home.  During summer months I usually get flowers from the yard & the farmer’s market in downtown Rochester.

There you have it!  Farmhouse style in 5 quick steps.  Follow my Farmhouse Trends boardon Pinterest to stay inspired!

I was born and raised in this community + I have a passion for all things real estate. I look forward to the opportunity to help you!

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