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small space hacks

Maximize Pantry Wall Space. 

Buy thesedrawer organizers and affix them to the inside wall of your pantry for spice storage.

Try tiered counter storage.  

This can be used in every room of your home to store toiletries in the bathroom, to diaper changing items in the nursery, to produce in the kitchen.

Create a Small Command Center. 

Choose a wall in your home that is central to most of the activity and create a command center like this one.  Paint the space in chalkboard paint, hang a framed calendar, clipboards for report cards & artwork, and a few storage containers for mail, keys, and the like.

Consider a Skinny Sofa Table. 

Small living rooms and bulky coffee tables just don’t vibe well.  Consider thisDIY skinny table to go behind your sofa.

Don’t waste wall space. 

Invest in tall bookcases that will add visual height and more storage to your space.  Adding shelves like these (which I have in my own home) over your toilets will create more decorative storage space in small bathrooms.

Use decorative baskets. 

One-off items in every room of your home exist, but they cannot be left lying around.  Use decorative storage baskets to throw miscellaneous items into.  Try to keep these categorized but labelling them isn’t always necessary.

Cut your nightstand in half. 

You heard me.  If your bedroom is small, cut a nightstand in half and use each side on either side of the bed (or both).  It’s functional and fun.  Here’s a tutorialfor you.

I realize I just told you to start cutting your furniture in half to save on space.  But doing things the same way they’ve always been done isn’t always the right thing to do.  If your space is small, your furniture needs to be a step above the rest when it comes to functionality and aesthetics.

I was born and raised in this community + I have a passion for all things real estate. I look forward to the opportunity to help you!

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