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Update Kitchen Cabinets.

Extending the life of your current cabinets or replacing them is a renovation that can add to your home’s value in a big way.  If your cabinets are a natural wood then giving them some TLC might be enough.  Some things to consider while giving your current cabinets a makeover:
  • Repaint or Re-finish them. Check out some painted trends here.
  • Re-face them. Just replacing the doors and keeping the boxes can save big money while completely changing the look of your kitchen.  You may even decide to keep the doors but pop out a few panels and add glass to give your existing doors a new, more high-end look.
  • Update the hardware. When it comes to kitchen hardware, the finish you go with isn’t as important as the style.
If you’re planning on replacing all your cabinets consider a good quality, natural wood and don’t skimp on the small add ons like soft close drawers and dovetail joints.

Fix Problem Doorways.

If you have doors that hit one another when both are open it’s important to evaluate the space and consider installing a pocket door if your home’s layout allows.  This is a renovation project best left to a licensed contractor.

Update Your Floor Vents & Air Return Grills.

If you have wood floors consider having custom floor vent crafted in the same material.  It makes a huge difference in the look and flow of your space.  Shop around for vintage style return grills.  This brings thoughtful design to a space that was once only thought of as a utility.  Hereare some great options under $50.

Upgrade Your Doors.

If the doors in your home are hollow it will come off as cheap to prospective buyers.  Considering replacing them with solid core doors in a wood that matches your trim and/or window casings.  This is an expensive project but brings lots of value to your home; plus they have a much longer life span than any other options of lesser value.

Don’t Jump to Replace Your Woodturning Fireplace.

A gas fireplace is obviously more convenient than it’s wood burning counterpart but don’t so quick to dump the added ambience your wood burning fireplace adds.  The best of both worlds comes in the form of a gas starter made specifically to make starting a wood burning fire much simpler than ever before.  Shop for a gas starter here.

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