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staging tips

I could sit here and tell you to clean, declutter, spruce up your lawn, and stop leaving personal photos out but you’ve heard those “tips” roughly 2,496 times, no?  So can we just get to the good stuff already?  The stuff that makes your home beautiful and show ready but doesn’t feel like a furniture showroom?

Find ways to mix form & function. Use woven baskets to store everyday items like blankets, children’s items, and books.  Trays and decorative dishes are a great way to blend everyday items like spare change, keys, and sunglasses into the space.

Learn how to stage a coffee table.  (This) will serve as some inspiration and direction but the formula is relatively simple.  Tray + books + flowers + candle or trinket = coffee table nirvana.

Choose 2 accent colors.  Keep 80% of your decor neutral in terms of style, texture, and color.  Then choose 2 accent colors that compliment the current color scheme of your home and sprinkle them in using throw pillows, small decor elements, or flowers.  Don’t forget to consider lighting and space when choosing colors.  If you’ve got a lot of honey oak in your home stay away from oranges but if you’ve got darker woods, oranges or blues would be a fantastic complimentary pop of color.

When in doubt, layer. Layer a blanket over an ottoman, a tray over the blanket, and a book, remote, and glasses in the tray.  This creates a purpose for a piece of furniture that’s currently taking up space.  Layering is helpful when staging book shelves and (this) is a great resource for more ideas on the topic.  Again, it’s a simple formula… Start with books lined and stacked vertically and horizontally.  Layer in accessories like small plants, framed photos, and decorative boxes.  Round it out by filling in any spaces that look too bare or unbalanced with smaller items like small candles or trinkets.  Stick to one simple rule here: group things in odd numbers.

I’ll continue to bring more staging advice to the blog in the future.  Let me know what questions you have about staging.

I was born and raised in this community + I have a passion for all things real estate. I look forward to the opportunity to help you!

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