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interior design

These design mistakes are SO common but just as easy to fix as they are to make.  Using these quick fixes you’ll create a seemingly larger, more functional, and enjoyable space.

Your Window Treatments are Covering Your Windows.

Treatments are meant to frame, not cover your windows.  Here’s how to make the switch.

  1. Your window treatments need to hit the floor. They can graze the floor or drag a few inches, but they should NEVER create a gap between the end of the treatment and the flooring.  This creates more vertical space and completes the framing of the window.
  2. Hang the curtain rod halfway between the top of the window frame and your ceiling.  Hanging the rod just above the window frame creates the allusion of less vertical space.
  3. Panels should frame your window; not cover it up.  Hang panels so that when gathered they barely cover the edge of the window; maximizing natural light and giving the illusion of a bigger window.

You Bought a Cheap Rug.

Rugs can and should be used in every room for multiple reasons.  Here’s why, and where to get them for 70% off.

  1. They make a statement and define your space.
  2. They protect your flooring, (carpet, tile, hardwood, etc).
  3. You don’t have to spend thousandson rugs, however easy that may be.  Visit my go to (RugsUSA.com) to find designer rugs at 70% off that will not disappoint.

You’re Hanging Your Art Too High.

  1. Art should be at eye level to maximize enjoyment and balance in your space.  Also, most people aren’t 6.5 feet tall so hanging art half way between your furniture and ceiling is usually too high for most households.
  2. Anchor your art to the furniture. Most people hang their art half way between the couch and the ceiling but that creates a void and a misbalance.  Instead hang the art just above furniture (which is usually at eye level).  See how this all ties together? 😉

Your Furniture Is Against a Wall & Not Touching Your Rug.

  1. Even in small spaces your furniture should not be against a wall; none of it.  If you MUST put a piece against the wall, bring it away a few inches and then anchor the rest of the furniture around that piece instead of pushing all pieces against outer walls.
  2. Your rug should reach the feet of your furniture on each side. The size of your rug will be determined AFTER you’ve placed your furniture.  The right way to choose rug size is to pick one that reaches the feet of your furniture on all sides.  Your rug should NOT be floating in the middle of the room.  That brings the eyes to that small area in the center and gives the illusion of less square footage.

I was born and raised in this community + I have a passion for all things real estate. I look forward to the opportunity to help you!

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