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Buy, Sell, or Build your home without feeling intimidated by the process

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You're in the right place.

Deep down, you know you've got the desire, vision, and ambition to make a move. But right now, the path there feels daunting & uncertain.  You want to know how much it will cost.  You want to know how long it will take.  You want to know what to expect. 

You want to ask lots of questions without feeling pressured to move forward. 

You want to make a move.  But you have no idea where to start.

If you think building a home starts with doom scrolling google for local builders think again. I'm here to help you vet builders, find a lot, and be your advocate, guiding you through to closing day. Ready to make your Pinterest boards a reality? 

Let me guess, you know you could make a huge profit from selling your home right now, but you'd rather know exactly how much you could get without being hard sold on listing your home.  When you want to know your estimated profits & what you'll need to do to your home without the pressure of moving forward, I'm the Realtor for you.

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What brings you here?

What brings you here?


Be honest: do you think all home buyers have to go through the arduous process of buying a home filled with nerves?  I approach things differently.  I'll never leave you wondering what's next in the process or what surprises are around the corner.  I'm here to be a calm advocate for you, making sure you're feeling cool, calm, and collected when making decisions.  Because that's how it should be. 

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-beth & jake

We felt like Jenna had our best interest in mind 100% of the time! I couldn't recommend her more highly!

-ian & andrea

Jenna makes what looking for a house should always be: fun and exciting. 
Highly recommend!

-tom & katie

Jenna thoughtfully advised us on what to offer, keeping our feelings and budget in the forefront.

I know I'm not the only person who is totally over real estate transactions being mysterious & scary.  I wanted to change the way the process looks & feels.  I wanted to create a way to finally give you an empowered approach to calmly & joyfully enjoy this very exciting time.   And that's why I do what I do.

I'm here to change the way you feel when buying, selling, or building a home. 

Hey there, I'm Jenna!

jenna martindale

Now that the plan is in place, we will hit the ground running (together), to get you to your next destination on time and feeling so excited about the journey. 

If we seem like a perfect fit, we'll set up our first in person meeting.  We'll go over the process in detail, discuss numbers, and make sure you feel absolutely confident in what your next steps will be.

Send me a message, and I'll get back to you so we can chat.  We'll spend a few minutes on the phone or zoom to answer any initial questions.  

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ready to feel like the expert in your next move?

Buying, Selling, or Building is not supposed to be scary, stressful, or mysterious.

I'm here to help you feel confident when making your real estate decisions.

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