New home trends come and go but this crazy surge in building isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed the surge in new construction homes in the Minneapolis area.

The sheer volume of new homes going up is staggering and also really exciting. Our diverse community has paved the way for new and fresh concepts in new home design.

new home trends

Geometric Tile

In an effort to give homes more character while keeping functionality in our ever changing climate, new home clients are opting for very interesting tile choices these days.

We’re seeing lots of geometric patterns with bold and contrasting color schemes. This type of material selection is one that some may feel is too risky in terms of resale, so you may not see it in many model homes, but I can assure you that lots of our new construction clients are opting for it in their homes. 

Nooks and Built-ins

Our city has a long and rich history, and we’ve managed to maintain many historic homes that offer ornate trim work, curved walls, and cozy nooks. Thanks to new construction, we’re bringing that old world charm back into the housing market. 

Our new construction clients are now spending more time with draftsmen to work into their plans things like cozy reading nooks, built-in storage benches, window seats, and bookshelves.

This does wonders for the longevity of our local housing market, as these aspects of a home are timeless and highly functional. 

new home trends


Long gone are the days of a standard lighting kit throughout the entire home. We’re seeing families spend more time to find fixtures that bring charm and character to the home. Every type of style is being considered, though farmhouse and modern styles seem to lead the pack. 

New home trends like fresh and new lighting are a bit timeless. My best recommendation is to shop around both locally and online. Compare prices, styles, and functionality.

Pay attention to how each fixture will play with the others in your home. You’ll want to create a cohesive and effortless look, which demands some restraint when you’re making selections.

What I mean by that is you cannot choose five of your favorite chandeliers and expect them to mesh well together. Some of your lighting will have to take a back seat to let your very favorite piece make a statement.

Overall, don’t be afraid to take chances on lighting as this is an easy fix if you change your mind down the road. 

Oversized Islands

The formal dining room is dying a slow death in our local housing market. If it’s not being replaced by an in-home office, it’s being eaten up by an oversized kitchen. 

Long gone are the days of a tiny center island or peninsula. Many families who choose to build their dream homes are designing kitchens that accommodate all of the families needs, from dining and homework to entertaining and more. 

With the kitchens stretching into what was once the dining room, buyers can afford to grow their islands into really functional and beautiful focal points where the family spends lots of time.

We’re seeing microwaves, second sinks, and dishwashers move onto these monster islands. These choices leave room for additional cabinetry, enlarged pantries, and high end appliances. 

The way I see it, your kitchen will never go unused. It’s a gathering spot for all types of family activities, so implementing a few new home trends into this space is a smart move. 

new home trends

In-home Offices

The national and local workforce has been transitioning over the past few years to a remote working environment. This is apparent in the amount of requests we get from new construction clients for in-home offices. 

These are usually on the main floor in the front of the home, though we are seeing clients find new and fun nooks in the home for this space. No longer is the home office a spare bedroom; it’s a room fully committed to work with built-in bookshelves, room for lounging, and even fireplaces. 

If you’re hoping to find room in your new construction home for an office you’ve got many, many options. It’s important to be aware of how and when you work.

A centrally located office will make multitasking easier but will come with a fair amount of noise and distractions, while an office tucked in a corner of the home or second level might be best for work that requires lots of focus and privacy. 

Consider building permanent shelving and desks. This will give your space much more functionality and charm. Adding a fireplace and lounge area will create a truly relaxing workspace that you may just stay in after your work is finished.

And making the space functional for the entire family with a center island that serves as a homework or arts and crafts station will surely maximize the space. 

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