getting the most out of selling your home

It goes without saying, getting the most out of selling your home is most likely on your list of goals during the process of selling. If it’s your #1 concern, this list of tips will help you get the most out of selling your home.


Simple rearranging of furniture to maximize functionality and flow can drastically increase the perceived value of your home.

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Keep surfaces clear of clutter and take down the family photos & niche artworks.  You’re packing it up eventually; you may as well do it sooner than later. 

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Buyers love to see how you’ve maintained and improved your home over the years.  Can this opportunity to highlight all your hard work. 

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Your first showing is online when the buyer is looking at the listing on their smart phone.  The 1×2 inch photo is your first impression so professional photography is incredibly important.  If you live in a wooded area, by a lake, or other beautiful landscape consider adding drone footage to your photography package.  Your Realtor pays for this service by the way. 

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The first two weeks is when you have the most eye balls on your home.  Don’t miss this window of opportunity.  Price your home at fair market value from day one to get the most showings, which leads to the most offers, and the highest final sale price. 

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Instead of pricing your home for $299,900 consider pricing it at $300,000.  When a buyer searches for homes they will search in ranges of $50,000.  So their search will be $300K-$350K.  If you’re priced at $299,900 thinking you’re playing mind games, you’re actually not even going to show up on their search.  

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When it comes to a high quality Realtor you may find that they charge a higher rate than others.  If a Realtor offers to list your home for a lower commission, ask them what they are cutting back on, because it isn’t their commission. 

It’s likely the marketing plan that gets the haircut.  So you’re being marketing improperly, which leads to less interest, lower perceived value, and ultimately thousands of dollars left on the table.  

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