If you’ve just purchased a new home, there are a few things you need to do after moving into a new house.

Change the Locks

This is an easy DIY job and also super inexpensive to hire a professional. Either way you want to get all the locks changed because you just never know who the previous owners gave house keys out to.

Unpack & Get Organized

This will help you feel settled faster and will make it easier to find everything you need.  If you followed these packing hacks you will have it a bit easier than others.

Let your friends and family know

Consider sending out a postcard letting everyone know that you’ve moved and where they can reach you. People really appreciate this when it comes time to send out holiday cards. No one likes getting a holiday card sent back.

Introduce yourself to the neighbors

It’s always a good idea to get to know the people in your neighborhood. Ask them for advice on the best places to shop, eat, and explore.  Having a healthy relationship with neighbors can increase your enjoyability in your home.

As for overall sense of safety and security it can do wonders to have someone to watch the house while you’re away or let the dog out if you get stuck in traffic.

Update your address everywhere!  

Change your address with the post office, transfer utilities, and update your auto insurance.  Here’s a hefty checklist to get you started.

Deep clean

Technically this is best to do the day of closing before you move in but logistically sometimes it’s not possible. Even better, try to negotiate a professional cleaning into your purchase contract so it’s done by the seller prior to closing.

Either way, having a professional do a deep clean will get the previous owners dirt, hair, and smells out of the home so you can walk in and unpack!

Explore your new neighborhood

Get outside to stretch your legs and get acquainted with the neighborhood. This is a bonus activity if you have kids or pets that may be stressed out from all the commotion.

Tips for Moving with Pets

Make an effort to submerse yourself in the local attractions, parks, and restaurants. You may even find some hidden gems you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. 

Enjoying and exploring where you live adds a lot to the overall happiness of homeownership.