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what's the first step in the home buying process? 

You'll find that meeting with a Realtor as your first step will be a great way to get started.  Your Realtor can give you recommendations for a lender and help you understand if you're ready for the next steps. 

what will i have to do to my home to get it ready to sell?

That depends on your home.  I offer to stop by your home to give you advice on this way before you decide to sell.  Because you deserve to know what your options are before taking the plunge.

do i have to find a builder myself? 

Absolutely not!  A skilled Realtor experienced in the new construction field (like me) can be a HUGE help in recommending Builders, scheduling meetings, and going with you to those meetings to help during the interview process. 

should i wait to buy until rates go down? 

Timing the market is like gambling.  Gambling on the largest investment of your life is well... not comfortable.  I'll help you assess what your options are and find unique ways to optimize current market conditions to fit your needs. 

I don't just help you buy & sell. I give you what you need to feel completely confident in your own decisions. 

Because only you know what's best for you.

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