Deciding to sell or not shouldn't be a pre-requisite for reaching out to a Realtor for help.  That's why I do things a little differently around here.

To the overwhelmed sellers: this one's for you.

sell your home

You don't need to wait until you're ready to sell to ask a Realtor for help.  You don't need to have your home completely updated to sell for a great price.  All you really need is a Realtor who will be your real estate Advisor wether you're ready to sell or not. 

Because the biggest lie in the real estate industry right now is that you must sell now or you'll miss out on a great market.  Let's get something straight: the best time to sell is when it makes sense for YOU.  

That's exactly why I'm here. 

You don't need to be ready to sell to ask a Realtor for help. 

I'm here to show you what your options are so you feel confident making your own informed decisions.





day on the market



over asking price

These are the kind of jaw-dropping results that my clients in Circle Pines were ecstatic by...

stop looking up zestimates to understand what your home is worth

never wonder about all the changes you need to make to sell your home

be able to ask your realtor questions all year long, whether you're selling or not

have a calm advisor on your side even if you never sell your home

ask your realtor for favors without feeling like you're bothering them

When You're Ready To... 

If it feels like the perfect fit, we'll agree on a strategic plan specific to you and take next steps on listing your home.

This will be our chance to sit down face to face and really dig into your true hopes and desired outcomes.  I'll listen & advise you on what options are available. 

I'll get back to you promptly to answer all the questions you've got swirling in your head.

Action Steps

Informational Meeting

Reach Out To Me


how does this work?

-beth & Jake

We felt like Jenna had our best interest in mind 100% of the time! I couldn't recommend her more highly!

-ian & andrea

Jenna makes what looking for a house should always be: fun and exciting. 
Highly recommend!

-tom & katie

Jenna thoughtfully advised us on what to offer, keeping our feelings and budget in the forefront.

ready to feel like the expert in your next move?